Are You Getting All You Paid For?

Are you getting all you paid for?  (do you feel like you’re getting ripped off?)

Sometimes when you have bought or sold something, you have the feeling that you did not get value for your dollar.  I know I have felt that way at times.  That’s why as a Manager at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, I try to make sure that the people we work with never feel that way.

Ultimate Service is not just a slogan.  It is a program that walks Buyers and Sellers through a 22 point checklist of actions that will be taken to help them reach their goals, whether buying or selling.  And the best part?  If we don’t do what we say, our clients can fire us!  When the program first came out, I know a lot of our reps were concerned that clients would be calling and cancelling contracts left, right and center.  I can tell you, I have released very few, because very few clients have ever asked.  Saying what you will do, and then doing it is a powerful message.  Our Customer Service ratings tell me that we are doing what we say consistently. Over 98% of our customers tell us they are satisfied with our service.

Are you guaranteed results in your buying and selling efforts?

To see testimonials about our sales representatives, or to get complete details, go to our Ultimate Service web page.

Do you have any experiences, good or bad that you want to share?

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