Is your choice of brands living up to your expectations???

Everyday consumers make choices on which brand to use to fulfill certain needs in their
lives. Many brands evoke a particular feeling or emotion and people buy a
certain brand because it makes them feel a certain way. People will research
different brands looking for features or services that best suit their needs. They
will make their final decision based on who really listens and addresses all
their concerns and weren’t just being sold something. I think consumers are
most satisfied when they feel the person or company truly CARES about their

Last week Ann introduced our blog and spoke about Coldwell Banker Pinnacle’s Ultimate Service®.
I remember during my first interview with Ann she explained how the Coldwell
Banker brand has forged a tradition of INTEGRITY, EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, AND
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It is a name people TRUST. With the Ultimate Service®
guarantee they ensure their clients’ best interests are above all else. I have never
heard of anyone guaranteeing their service in writing before. What a great way
to build trust.

Consumers are always saying REALTORS® don’t do anything for the money they earn. If I were
selling or buying a house and I interviewed a REALTOR® who listed exactly how
they planned on marketing my house to attract the right buyers and they were
willing to back up their plan with a written guarantee, I would definitely give
them a shot at it. I would have nothing to lose. After all, if they didn’t do
everything they said they would, I could fire them.

I have been with Coldwell Banker for 4 years now and have witnessed the power of this level
of commitment. To have this guarantee available to our clients differentiates
our sales representatives from the rest of the pack, because our sales reps do
what they say they will do and they GUARANTEE IT IN WRITING!

Some of you might say this is just a big sales pitch. Say what you will. That won’t change
the facts!

Remember, there are companies to fit all the different needs of the consumer. Do your research
because each company has its own characteristics and features. How you FEEL
when you work with the people of that company is all that matters. So whether
you are thinking of buying or selling one of the many homes in Hamilton, trying
to decide which Hamilton REALTOR® to use or maybe you want to be a REALTOR® you
owe it to yourself to check out Coldwell Banker Pinnacle and their Ultimate

Please feel free to share your different brand experiences, good or bad. It may help others
in their decision making process.

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