Did you know that November 22nd is National Housing Day?

National Housing Day in Canada is an initiative of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The day is meant to recognize people and organizations who advance affordable housing in Canadian communities.

Stewart Hardacre, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada explained it very clearly in recognition of last year’s observation.

“National Housing Day (Nov. 22nd), reminds Canadians to recognize and reflect on the issue of affordable housing. On this day, we are challenged to acknowledge that there is a real and urgent need for a solution – for a national housing policy as well as private and public partnerships that lead to capital investment and contribute to a stronger and more stable society.
Lack of affordable housing can take numerous negative tolls on individuals and the communities in which they live. It can cause increased stress, limited sense of belonging and overall feelings of insecurity. It can also negatively impact individuals’ education and career paths, and further perpetuate the cycle of poverty.”

This day is celebrated across Canada, with many events being held to increase the understanding of the need for affordable housing in all communities.

If you would like more information, please visit the CMHC website at


If you would like to volunteer to help at Habitat for Humanity, visit their website at


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