Last week you read some of the feedback from our clients who had experienced our Ultimate Service® when they bought or sold their home. It is obvious this service is a huge benefit to our clients. I was thinking the other day about Coldwell Banker Pinnacle’s Ultimate Service® and the fact that it is also a huge benefit to our sales reps, so I decided to get a REALTOR’S® PERSPECTIVE. I asked Joyce Hodgskiss and Ken Rossiter, sales reps from our Dundurn St. office to share a few comments on how Ultimate Service® has been a benefit and what it has done for their business.

They replied…

“As we discovered several years ago, there is no substitute for good service. Once we stopped worrying about how much money we were going to make and started focusing on the value that we deliver, our business really started to grow. By building value, using the Ultimate Service® platform, we are able to educate the seller/buyer about the Real Estate process, the Services that we provide, the value [benefits] of using a REALTOR® and all the while separating ourselves from the REALTOR® pack. Once you have established your own brand of Ultimate Service® the key is to work on the presentation until it is a part of you and what you do. Roll playing is still the best way to achieve this!

If we could give any advice to our fellow REALTORS® it would be: DO NOT compete on price (lowest commission rate), compete on value – the value YOU bring to the process. Only a small percentage of people will want the best price, most of the people want value. That is why companies like Apple and Starbucks are so successful. If the seller/buyer does not see the value, all they will want is the best price.”

I’d like to thank Joyce and Ken for their personal take on Ultimate Service® and how it  helped them be better REALTORS® as well as providing better service to their clients. If you’re a REALTOR® you need to ask yourself: Do your Buyers and Sellers see the value in what you do? Do you have the ability to compete in  today’s market place based on the value of your service?

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