Hamilton is not JUST a Steel City

It really ticks me off when people ask where I am from and when I say Hamilton, they go, oh, that’s where all the steel factories are… making it obvious they think I live in a dirty, undesirable city.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and I don’t waste any time letting them know!

I don’t deny our city got its start as a steel centre, and no one driving along the bay waterfront in our central city can miss the smokestacks. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, and many of our families rely on income and pensions from our steel companies,


No other city can claim to have the most waterfalls within its boundaries, or the amount of land dedicated to conservation, or how about our Pier 4, or the Royal Botanical Gardens? THINK AGAIN FOLKS.

We live in a beautiful city situated in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment. Our number one employment sector now is Health Sciences and we are world renowned for our Children’s Hospital.

Don’t be dissing my city… I’m proud of my city, and if you doubt my word on its attributes, check out some of the websites below… they are just a taste of what Hamilton is all about.





2 thoughts on “Hamilton is not JUST a Steel City

  1. Joyce and I live and work / sell in West Hamilton and are very proactive about the reputation of our city within the Real Estate community.
    We deal with a lot of out-of-town buyers and every one that we work with gets a guided tour of the City’s highlights. The Waterfront, the Trails, Locke St, the Farmer’s Market, Dundurn Castle, McMaster, the RBG and more… Almost everyone is amazed at what this city has to offer. They came in search of affordable housing and found a hidden jewel.

  2. Absolutely! Price may be what gets buyers from out of town to consider Hamilton, but once they truly see our city they appreciate what a wonderful place it is to live and raise their family.

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