Urban / Suburban

The HGTV show has it right. There is a lot of difference between these two choices of lifestyle, with both having great things to offer. Gary and I are no doubt on opposite sides of this discussion, as we have both chosen very different neighbourhoods to call home. Neither choice is the right one for everyone, as we all look for different amenities and entertainment.

The Hamilton area definitely offers both choices for our residents.

I have spent my life living in the suburban world, namely Ancaster, and wouldn’t move to an urban setting for anything. The Hamilton area offers more than just Ancaster to would be suburban buyers. Consider Dundas, with it’s great sense of history and community just minutes from downtown, or Flamborough, truly rural living still only 15 to 20 minutes from the centre of the city. Both of these areas share with Ancaster the beauty of living surrounded by nature, with conservation areas, trails, parks and more at your doorstep.

Urban dwellers have been known to comment on the lack of public transportation and shopping malls in the suburban areas. As a resident, I can assure you we don’t miss them.  The bus goes through town a few times a day to take you to the city, and the malls lie just 15 minutes away, keeping all the busy traffic and the congestion away from our homes. As for entertainment, movie theatres are nearby, arenas and playing fields for sports are within our neighbourhoods, and if the urge to get culture strikes, Hamilton Place and Theatre Aquarius are just a 15 minute drive away. And like all other areas we have more restaurants than you can shake a stick at.

Suburban living isn’t perfect (pretty close though). If you have children, they likely will be bused to school, you do have to put up with commuting into the city, with what would be a 10 minute drive outside rush hour being a 30 minute trip somedays. Also, housing is more expensive, as homes are generally larger and sit on larger lots. Of course, taxes are higher too.

All in all though, urban living, with all the convenience of shopping, transportation schools and everything else in your backyard can’t come close to suburban living, at least in the opinion of this suburbanite.

Check back, as I am sure Gary will be only to happy to tell you why I’m shortsighted as to all the things I am missing by not living in the city.

How about you – do you have a preference? Join in and let’s share what we enjoy about our choice as to where we call home.

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