Being Part of a Brand – Why it’s good for you and me

Back in November, Gary blogged on the choice of brands, whether it be the furniture store, or your REALTOR®, and I want to build on that, and shall I say explain why I am part of a brand and why I think that is good for you and me.

A successful brand builds an awareness of what they stand for, and what a consumer can expect from them every time. With a real estate company I think that is especially important since we rely on our customers and clients to refer us to their friends and family. Each of those clients refer us based on their experience with each of us individually, and expect that the service they received will be the benchmark for the service their friend will receive. By being part of a brand, I have been offered the ability to create a business model that is supported by the experience that Coldwell Banker has had in the real estate market. Nowhere else will I have the chance to draw on over 105 years of experience as to the best way to serve my clients.

An example of this is Ultimate Service, a program created by my brand to ensure that my clients receive the best possible service. But, not only that, my clients benefit from the fact that this program has been tested by thousands of homeowners, and found to work. So, I have an outline to work with that we all know will work.

Another example is, should a client be looking to relocate to an area that I do not or cannot service, I have the ability, through my brand, to refer them to a qualified REALTOR® at their destination. I know that my client will receive the very best service, because I have referred them to someone who shares my values and ideals. This makes the move that much easier for my client who can be confident of the same level of service they would have received from me.

Any one who is looking for the service of a real estate professional, should know what the brands stand for. I know that Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate stands for full service, from knowledgeable professionals, with a high degree of ethics and integrity.

Just a thought…

They say that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. I wonder what doing the same thing over and over again knowing you will get the same result is? Perhaps Brand Power!

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