Are you being seen – or are you a best kept secret?

Marketing, aka advertising, is always an important segment of the real estate profession, whether it’s property related or personal promotion related.

In many sales situations, where you are advertising can be equally as important as what you are advertising.

Historically REALTORS® have been faced with many choices and challenges when it comes to utilizing their marketing budget.

For example, a home that has been listed for sale can be advertised in many venues, such as local newspapers, real estate flyer supplements, on cable television, or through social media, such as Facebook and YouTube. It is important to know whom you are marketing to when you decide where to place the ad. Research says that over 85% of home buyers go to the internet when they first begin the home buying process. If you are only advertising in print media, you are missing a very large part of the buyer pool. On the flip side, if you are marketing a property that appeals to a select local market, you would be missing the boat if you did not participate in a local newspaper that would reach your likely buyer audience.

Social Media opportunities open up another large facet of the advertising choice. YouTube has become one of the major search engines, and is certainly somewhere you want to advertise property. A video tour of a home can spark interest in a buyer much faster than a photograph of the front of the house. A video lets the viewer get a feel for the home, almost as good as a walking tour of the property. These videos can help buyers narrow down the list of homes they wish to visit in person, and can create an urgent need to view a home that might otherwise not have been selected.

While I have commented primarily on advertising property so far, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on personal marketing by individual REALTORS®. Today’s real estate consumers expect their REALTOR® to be connected. They look for websites that are informative and interactive, which provide current, concise information with links to sites with related topics. Consumers today also have the opportunity to prescreen many REALTORS® through promotional videos created and placed on YouTube for just such a reason. YouTube provides a great opportunity to reach consumers, providing a more personal touch than a marketing brochure or a website write up.

As an example, here are a few websites to check out

Also, have a look at this YouTube video

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