Is Condo Living Right for You?

Deciding to live in a condominium is not just a decision on type of ownership, it is a lifestyle choice.

When you are ready to buy your next home (or first home for that matter) one of the many choices you will make is whether to live in a condominium or a freehold. Both of these choices offer many amenities, you just need to determine which is the best fit for your lifestyle.

A condominium offers a low maintenance choice. You pay a monthly fee to have all or some of your outside maintenance taken care of, the building maintained and the maintenance of the shared use areas, such as gardens, swimming pools, games rooms and more. Some condominiums also include utility expenses in the monthly fee. This can be the ideal choice for people who love to travel and want to feel they can just close the door and not worry while they are away. Condominiums are also great for active people who want to participate in activities, such as tennis, lawn bowling, swimming, bridge and more, as many of the newer condominiums have been built with this active owner in mind. They truly are communities of individuals with shared interests. There are condominiums built in all price ranges and styles, townhouses, apartments, detached homes and more. If you are looking for this type of lifestyle, there no doubt is a condominium that will provide all you are looking for.

Freehold living offers a different range of amenities. Freeholds can also be townhouses, semi-detached, row houses, detached and more. With a freehold, the owner is responsible for the maintenance of the home and property, upkeep and repair. As the owner, you can do what you like with the house and property (within the limits of the local bylaws), such as build fences and decks, put in a pool, build on an addition, or change the look of the exterior however you wish. Freehold living is not quite so easy to just close the door and leave. If you want to go away, you must be sure the grass is being cut or the snow being shoveled.

I have lived in both condominiums and in freehold homes. Each suited my lifestyle at the particular time in my life. There is no better choice – just the right choice at the time.

The Hamilton and area real estate market has a wide variety of condominium and freehold choices. When you are in the initial stages of buying, be sure to review all your options. The right property is out there, you just have to work with your sales rep to focus on what you want, and get everything in order so when you find it, you are ready to make the offer!

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