Choosing a REALTOR® – What should you consider?

 When it comes to choosing a REALTOR® there are many things to consider. I usually recommend you start your search by talking with family or friends who have had a rewarding experience with their REALTOR®. You should definitely interview more than one sales representative as all REALTORS® are not created equal.

 I often suggest you work with a sales rep you feel comfortable with, one you feel you can trust, one that really cares about you needs, desires, and understands the anxieties you are experiencing during the entire process. Any good REALTOR® should have a list of references of past clients readily available upon request. Talking with these past client references will give you a bird’s eye view of what the sales rep is all about.

One should always remember, it is not always the sales rep that sells the most houses, is the right choice. The question your need to ask is how many homes have they listed and how many of those homes actually sold? Your REALTOR® should also be well versed on what is happening in your marketplace and possess a strong knowledge of all services provided in your neighbourhood such as shopping, education, health, and recreational facilities.

 I think one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a REALTOR® is how they plan to communicate with you. Do they have a system in place to keep you informed during the process? One of the most common complaints by consumers is their REALTOR® never let them know what was going on and they always had to call their sales rep to find out. A big tip for all you REALTORS® out there – KEEP YOUR CLIENTS IN THE LOOP! – don’t leave them at home wondering what’s going on.

 I’m sure, by now, you all know I can’t talk about how to choose a REALTOR® without mentioning Coldwell Banker’s Ultimate Service® Guarantee. This written service guarantee ensures your Coldwell Banker Pinnacle sales rep will do what they say they are going to do or you can FIRE them! If I was looking for a REALTOR® I would certainly check out one that gives me a written service guarantee.

 Good luck choosing your next REALTOR®. Then again, you don’t need luck if you choose a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle REALTOR®!!



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