Generation Blue! What an Experience!

I just got back from a trip to our Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference in New Orleans. A few of us went down a couple days early, and did the tourist thing, experiencing the French Quarter, yes, including the nighttime fun on Bourbon Street, enjoying our beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, and touring the rest of the area. What a fantastic place!

It was the perfect setting for our conference. The opening session, included a presentation by the New Wave Group out of South Beach. They are a group of young professionals, new to the real estate business that realize that by working together and collaborating with one another along with their unique use of social media they can become a dynamic force in their real estate market. Hearing about their successes so far convinces me that they will be an influential force in the market.

The breakout sessions over the two days of conference focused on building your business through the use of technology and social media. I found it extremely interesting to hear how some view social media to be the future of communication, while others outlined how the use of social media reinforces the most important tool we each have, and that is our personal commitment to serving our customers to the very best of our ability. However you look at it, social media plays very important part in our day to day business, and it is constantly changing and evolving. By attending this conference I am now suffering from information overload on all the new choices, and also somewhat overwhelmed with learning about, much less utilizing, all the opportunities out there.

The closing session of the conference focused on where technology is going in 2012, with presentations by The New York Times Research and Development Group, who highlighted where they see our communication needs driving us, by YouTube, who showed us how to leverage our use of the Coldwell Banker Channel On Location to position ourselves as the go to place for real estate information, and by Google +, who showed us the exciting new things Google has brought to the marketplace.

The closing session wrapped up with Coldwell Banker showing us where we are going in 2012. Consumers have shown that they no longer buy houses, they buy lifestyle, and as such it is time we started selling lifestyle. The 2012 television commercial was unveiled to the audience, and received overwhelming approval from all present with its theme of “Home”.

To my mind the conference was a huge success, and I am looking forward to implementing some, if not all, the new ideas I picked up!

So, I wonder where Gen Blue will be next year? Wherever they chose, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there, getting lots of great new ideas!

2 thoughts on “Generation Blue! What an Experience!

  1. I agree with Ann (for a change). This was a great conference with plenty of useful information regarding the use of technology in our business in the future. Technology is changing at a staggering rate and we as REALTORS need to keep up with it because our clients sure are!

  2. i love that consumer no longer buy homes, but a lifestyle! i’m going to work with that!!
    i am going to set my sights on going to Gen Blue next year 🙂

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