Spring Maintenance Checklist – If You Don’t Have One Get One!

Last week Ann was talking about choosing a Home Inspector and it reminded me about a Spring Maintenance Checklist because most good home inspectors include maintenance checklists as part of their service.

 Every home owner should have some sort of maintenance checklist  to ensure all the elements of the home are receiving the required attention. I always refer to a house as a living organism with many little parts that need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure the organism is operating at its peak.

 Many home owners ensure their automobile is maintained on a regular basis but neglect their largest investment – their home. Little things like cleaning eaves troughs and down spouts and making sure they are properly attached to the house can help to avoid serious water problems in the future. Another minor item that, if left unattended could become costly is all the caulking around your home. Over time caulking will shrink, dry up, and crack exposing the home to weather conditions and possible damage to the exterior and interior of the home.

 These are just a couple of examples of maintenance items. Check out the following websites for more great tips on home maintenance:




 My best advice to any home owner is to put your house on a regular maintenance schedule as soon as possible. Remember, a little bit of work and a few dollars now could save you thousands of dollars in damage repairs in the future.

 If you have any good home maintenance tips you would like to share please do. I’m sure our readers would appreciate it.

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