A few of weeks ago Ann and I were talking about our Ultimate Service® Award Winners and our Ultimate Service® Listing Presentation and as promised today I’m going to explain how we at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle back all this up with our Written Guarantee!

I know, I know, you’re thinking another article about great customer service. Well folks, we’re just trying to get the message out that all service providers are NOT the same.

At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle our mission is to “Provide 100% Customer Satisfaction…… Everytime!” We have achieved a Customer Satisfaction rating of 98% for the last 10 years which is amazing considering the industry average is about 72-74 per cent.

So, how do we do it, you might ask? By providing each and every client our Ultimate Service® Written Guarantee and following up with our Customer Service Questionaire.

Upon reviewing our 22 Point service plan with our clients we listen to what they say to enable us to develop a customized program that suits the clients’ real estate needs. Then we put all this in writing and the client and the sales representative sign the written guarantee. This guarantee also has the name and telephone number of the sales reps’ Broker/Manager in the event the client has concerns and needs to discuss an issue with the Manager. And remember these written guarantees apply to both Buyers and Sellers.

If our client has an issue that cannot be rectified by management within 24 hours the representation agreement will then be terminated. Like Ann has indicated in a previous post these situations are few and far between.

So all you buyers and sellers out there before you decide on which REALTOR® to use check out the Ultimate Service® Guarantee – you won’t be disappointed!!

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