Where Have You Been Looking For It?

Odds are if what you are looking for is a new house, you have been looking on the Internet.

Statistics tell us that over 87% of potential home buyers start their search on the Internet. They like being able to look in the areas they are interested in, without having to go to alternate sources to find price, local amenities, schools and more. If you stop to think about it, why would you go to a newspaper or magazine that has only a limited number of the properties available, and to the aggravation of a number of lookers, where the ads don’t tell you where the property is, much less how much it costs.

As REALTORS we often ask people who come through our open houses where they saw that the property was available to view. The vast majority of them tell us they either found it on our real estate open house site openhouses.ca or they saw the signs. Very few ever mention seeing the ad in the paper.

The Internet has opened up a great venue for shoppers, with any number of home search sites. The REALTORS’s own advertising site, realtor.ca has the most current and accurate information as it is updated every day, at least once, with any new properties, or changes in price and more. Also, the Internet allows REALTORS to put multiple pictures and also video tours of the properties online for home buyers to view. No wonder the Internet is where we all go to look!

Even the newspapers and real estate magazines know that home buyers want to look on the Internet. Many if not all of them have their own websites, showcasing REALTOR listings, such as homefinder.ca.

More and more websites provide you with real estate information. Some even offer to tell you what your home is worth by you just providing a few details… Please don’t rely on these values for anything important. If you just want a general idea for curiosity’s sake, okay, but otherwise, do have a qualified individual, with access to all the data provide you with the information you need.

So, just a final comment to home owners who have listed their properties with a REALTOR and wonder why they don’t see an ad in the paper each week, or in multiple publications. If your REALTOR is an effective marketer, they will have your home exposed to thousands of buyers every day on the Internet.

Remember, ads don’t get homes sold, a tested marketing plan of which advertising is a small part does.

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