Have you ever been to a Farmer’s Market?

Last week Ann talked about some of the great summer events in our area. She mentioned the many Summer Festivals that take place as well as the area Farmer’s Markets.

Although Ann provided you with links to various websites to obtain more information, I thought I would give you my take on Farmer’s Markets.

Growing up in a small town it was routine for the family to go to the farmer’s market every Saturday morning starting in the late spring and going through to late fall. I can remember the anticipation we felt when we knew the time was near for certain kinds of produce. For example some of the earliest items were asparagus, green onions, and radishes. Later in the season it always seemed a long wait for the first picking of corn on the cob – still one of my personal favourites. You wanted to get there early so you get the best choice and before they were sold out. As young children we learned that not only were we supporting our local farmers and neighbours but we were getting the best and freshest produce there was to offer.

My Dad seemed to know all the farmers on a first name basis. This was more a social outing for him. Mom made sure we bought everything we needed as Dad was too busy talking.

After moving to the Hamilton area I quickly discovered there were an abundance of Farmer’s Markets in the area. My wife and I go to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market almost every Saturday morning, (our children don’t come any longer), where you can buy fresh produce, meats, cheeses, flowers, baked goods and more all from local farmers. We also attend the Ottawa Street Market on Saturday mornings, but mostly in late spring, summer, and fall.

It is a great feeling when you are walking down the aisle at the market and the sun is shining on your back and you can smell the freshness of the produce, be it garlic, peaches, or peppers, its’ all good.

I highly recommend you take the time to bring your whole family to visit one the many Farmer’s Markets in our area and enjoy the abundance of great food that is at our door step. This is a great opportunity to teach the young children where food actually comes from, because it doesn’t come from the back room of a supermarket!

Give it a try! I guarantee you will enjoy the experience!!

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