Nature Beckons!

It seems I keep harping back to Hamilton is not JUST a steel city, but really, it’s not!

Hamilton is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural areas in southern Ontario. The Pier 4 Waterfront and the Royal Botanical Gardens may be two of the better known areas, but I want to bring to your attention our abundance of conservation areas.

Whether you’re interested in camping, hiking, swimming, cross country skiing or just getting a little closer to nature, Hamilton Conservation Authority truly has it all.  These areas offer interesting attractions and places to visit.

The areas include:

  • Christie Lake Conservation Area, 1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario 905-628-3060
  • Confederation Park/Wild Waterworks, 680 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton, Ontario 905-547-614
  • Dundas Valley Conservation Area, 650 Governors Road, Dundas, Ontario 905-627-1233
  • Eramosa Karst Conservation Area, Upper Mount Albion Road, Stoney Creek, Ontar
  • Fifty Point Conservation Area, 1479 Baseline Road, Winona, Ontario 905-525-2187 or 905-643-210
  • Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area, Access from Harvest Road and Fallsview Road, Greensville, Ontario 905-628-306
  • Valens Conservation Area, 1691 Regional Road 97 (RR#6), Flamborough, Ontario 905-525-2183 or 519-621-602
  • Westfield Heritage Village, 1049 Kirkwall Road (formerly Regional Road 552), Rockton,Ontario 519-621-8851 or 1-800-883-0104

Our conservation areas also encompass a portion of the Bruce Trail, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. On June 24th, there are a number of events. If you are interested in participating, check out their website at

Having lived in the Hamilton area my whole life, I have explored and enjoyed a number of these areas. On a summer afternoon, you will have plenty of company should you decide to go for a hike, or decide to go to Christies or to Confederation Park to enjoy the water. The true beauty of living in the Hamilton area is it’s not a long trip to these areas. Many of us live a just short stroll from conservation. As children, these were our adventure and play areas. In winter, the cross country skiing opportunities are unmatched, along with the hiking and snowball fights.

So, next time you wonder what you can do or where to take the family for a day of fun, look no further than our local conservation areas.

So, have I swayed any of you folks that were still thinking Hamilton is just a Steel city over to my vision of Hamilton?

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