My House is for Sale! Why isn’t it Sold?

A week can seem like a month when your house is for sale. I know, I’ve been there, and am getting ready to go there again.

You have spent time, and possibly money getting your house ready to sell, and may even have found another home you would like to buy. You have put your home on the market, expecting that buyers will be looking at your home, and making you an offer. You have heard that it’s a good market, so you are prepared to receive offers.

This period of time can be the most stressful you will experience. You are trying to keep your home picture perfect but at the same time live in the house. Your REALTOR® has asked you to be sure that for all showings your dishes are washed (or at least in the dishwasher) the beds are made, there is no laundry in sight, the floors are clean, and if you have a pet that they not be home… Sure, no problem. That’s what you want to do every day before you leave for work, or how you keep the house when you are home relaxing. Add to that, your REALTOR® wants to be able to call you with possibly a half hour notice for your home to be shown!

I have found a few things that can help alleviate some of the stress – unfortunately not all. Here are some ideas.
Talk to the family and make sure everyone is on the same page about keeping things put away
Determine who is responsible for what. Who makes sure dishes are done, who makes the beds, etc
Create a short list of the things that MUST be done everyday before you leave the house in preparation for a showing request
Get everyone to agree to not get anything out that they can’t put away on a moments notice

Even more important is to keep in mind that regardless of how it looks, homes do not generally sell in a couple days. The average number of days to sell a home right now in The Hamilton Burlington area is 43. Don’t stress if you are 2 or 3 weeks into selling and it’s not sold. Your REALTOR® should be keeping you up to date on what is happening regarding your house, and be sure to talk to them if you have concerns. They should be able to provide you with feedback from showings that have taken place of your house, which may help you understand what buyers are thinking.

Keep in mind, it only seems like forever when you are living in this artificial, pristine state. Also, don’t take it personally that people are not buying your house. You won’t want to buy every house you look at. The right buyer will view your house, and they will know right away it is the one for them. That’s when the next stage starts – negotiating the best deal for you, but that’s another topic…

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