So, are you ready to move?

You’ve sold your house and found your new home. You will soon realize that was the easy part.

Now comes the packing up and making all the arrangements for the move. If you are planning to use a moving company be sure to get at least a couple quotes. Make sure you are clear on what you want them to do, whether it is just moving your furniture and belongings or coming in and doing the complete pack and move. There is an entire range of services available so be sure to be selective when you are speaking with the mover.

Some other things to be sure to do are:

Arrange to have a final reading on all your utilities. Sometimes your lawyer will do this but be sure whose responsibility it is. You do not want to be paying for the new owners’ hydro! At the same time, be sure to set up your utilities at you new home.

Send a change of address to all your credit card companies, banks, friends, and anyone else you receive correspondence from.

Redirect your mail to your new address for 6 months to be sure to catch anyone you forgot

Check if your telephone number can be transferred to your new location

If you have school age children, be sure to confirm the school they are attending and confirm what transportation (if needed) is provided.

If you have pets, be sure to notify the licensing department of your move so they will be able to reunite you if your pet gets away in the move. Also, advise your veterinarian.

On the home front, if you haven’t already, now is the time to go through your belongings and dispose of anything you do not intend to move. There are many charities that would welcome the donation of household items and clothing that you no longer need or want.

If you are doing your own packing be sure to label the boxes clearly. This will help when it comes to unpacking, as hopefully the boxes, when unloaded will be placed in or near the room where they will be unpacked.

Once you have removed everything from your house, be sure to do the final trip through. Make sure nothing has been overlooked in the loading up. Also, take time to sweep up the house and leave it how you would like to find your new home. The new owners will appreciate your extra effort.

Through it all, try to remember why you are moving… It will help during those moments when you start wondering whose bright idea it was to move in the first place!

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