What I Like About Hamilton!

Gary and I decided that we would both write about this topic.  We may both now live in Hamilton, but one got here by chance and one has never lived anywhere else. If you read Gary’s blog last week, you know he is a transplant from the Peterborough area.

The interesting thing is that we both like Hamilton for many of the same reasons, the variety of architecture, the many forms of entertainment, the many recreational choices available, just to name a few. In addition to these points, I like Hamilton for a number of other reasons too.

Here are a few of them:

I like the fact that Hamilton offers the big city conveniences with the small town feel. For example, I like going to the grocery store and actually meeting people I know, some of whom I grew up with that have remained or returned to the old neighbourhood to raise their own family.

I like the fact that Hamilton is a compilation of smaller communities. Consider at this time of year how many local tree lighting ceremonies there are, or festivals to attend with the family. A variety of events happen year round, not just at the holiday season.

I like the fact that Hamilton is a caring community, cleaning up the waterfront and creating a park we and future generations can enjoy year round, whether it be walking, cycling, dragon boating, or whatever your pleasure might be.

I like that fact that we are home to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

I like the fact we have a world renowned Medical Centre and Children’s Hospital.

I like the fact we have a first class University, McMaster.

I like the fact that so many ill informed people think Hamilton is all about Steel, when we are all about the people that make up our communities, and who have over time made Hamilton the multi-faceted city that it is.

I could keep going, but I think you might be getting my drift.

And finally, what I like about Hamilton is that it is home, with all the great things that go with that word.

I am proud to claim Hamilton as my hometown.

You’ve heard from both Gary and me now about what we like about Hamilton, so tell us what you like about your community, or tell us what we forgot to mention about Hamilton!

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