I saw my first Christmas tree on the roof of a car last weekend and I thought, is it that time already? This is a seasonal chore that I really enjoy and it also brings back some great memories. When I was a young boy my father acquired our Christmas tree in many different ways. Sometimes we would just go to the parking lot at the grocery store where we would buy a pre-cut tree or we would go to a tree farm and cut our own. One very memorable year was when money was very scarce for us so my Dad decided we would go out into the woods and cut down a tree. Well, Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree had nothing on us!

When my Dad brought the tree into the house my Mom said, “What am I supposed to do with that?” Throw some decorations on it and it will be fine was his response. After my Mom did the best she could, she asked my Dad to tie the tree to the wall because she felt it was so crooked and uneven that for sure it would fall over. My Dad said, “Not a chance. It is fine the way it is.” My Dad left to work the night shift and sure enough around 8:30 in the evening down came the tree with ornaments smashing and lights flashing. It took a long time for my Mom to forgive my Dad for that one.

My wife’s family has always made the Christmas tree cutting a great family outing with all the children and grandchildren. It was always a lot of fun for the kids and it was a challenge to see who could get the best tree. Just for the record, you couldn’t choose the first tree, because you had to check out almost every tree at the tree farm. The only time we would choose one of the first trees was if the weather was too harsh. As the children got a little older we would use them as markers. Sarah you stay with this tree and make sure nobody takes it, Ali you stay with this one, Clayton you stay here. The problem with that method is sometimes it is difficult to find your way back to your kid. So now you have the parents walking around calling out their children’s names and saying “where are you?”

When talking about Christmas trees I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my wife’s passion for Christmas. When it comes to our tree it has to be BIG!!! So big in fact, that last year our tree was so full and beautiful that I had to tie it down in two different places as well as screw the tree stand into the floor so it would stay in place. We have enough ornaments in our house to decorate about four trees. Our children all have their own ornaments that we have given them over the years at Christmas. We have even had discussions about getting more than one tree. One year I made the mistake of suggesting an artificial tree. I thought my family was going to hang me up like a piece of mistletoe!!! So whatever your preference is in your house, enjoy your tree trimming experience and I wish everyone All the Best this holiday season.

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful Mother –in –law Edith Fitzhenry who passed away last month. This holiday tradition of cutting down the Christmas tree was one of her favourite holiday activities and in her memory we will continue with this great family tradition.


  1. We cut down our first tree in a long time last weekend… went to Wills Tree Farm near Lynden – highly recommend it there! I love the smell of the real tree in the house 🙂

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