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Like Ann said last week, we have invited some of our Sales Representatives to be guest bloggers. I have asked Paul McDowell to be my first guest blogger this month. Paul is going to give you his take on the local real estate market.

Sales Representative
Paul McDowell Sales Representative

One question I get asked frequently is: ‘How’s the current Real Estate market?’ I think that’s a typical question REALTORS® are asked on a daily basis. Lately, I haven’t been too sure how to even answer that simple question.

The current Real Estate market seems to be in an unusual place right now. Yes, of course the industry is and always will be a rollercoaster for most. Full of constant highs and lows, but something is happening, some type of shift or change in the industry. Even though I haven’t been in the business for a significant length of time, I can still easily notice that the inventory is down in most parts of the region. BUT that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of buyers.

My Open Houses are definitely not short of visitors as they seem to be rolling in at a steady pace. Especially at a recent Open House I had at a 2 year old home on Divinci Boulevard on the West Mountain. I had 16 or 17 sets of people through that Sunday afternoon which really doesn’t surprise me at all. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of buyers- just a shortage of listings. One factor that probably helped attract buyers to that area was the new home site on the same street. Their sales office was open that afternoon and I clearly noticed that many, if not all of the people that came through my open house, also went to the new home sales office. New home sites have been busy as well, in some cases, lining up at the doors.

Typically, this time of year slows down a tad as we get closer to the holiday season. So I am not too concerned at this point. 2013 is forecasted to be a positive year in the Real Estate industry which helps me stay optimistic about the things to come.

So let’s get back to the original question: How’s the current Real Estate market? My answer:  It’s always up and down, but overall- cruising along nicely.

If you would like to contact Paul, either leave a comment below, call him at 905-388-1110 or email him at



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