Are You Inviting Strangers in While You Are Away?

Be sure you are not asking to have you home broken into while you are away.

This time of year many are fortunate enough to be able to head off to warmer climates, maybe for just a week or some for months at a time. I have compiled a number of recommendations as to what to do to safeguard your home while you are away. These suggestions cover keeping your home secure, and also preventing unexpected incidents. Here they are…

  • Cancel the newspaper and redirect your mail. Alternatively have someone retrieve these DAILY for you.
  • Have the walk and driveway cleared promptly after a snowfall.
  • Have a friend or neighbour check your home regularly. Insurance companies require frequent monitoring and many require notice that the house will not be occupied.
  • Use timers to have various lights come on in the house to mimic someone being home.
  • Don’t leave a key hidden outside your house.
  • Lock up or put away your valuables.
  • Turn off the water valve for all outside taps. You may also want to turn off the main water supply, depending on how long you plan to be away.
  • Turn off the water supply to your toilets. (Prevent expensive leaks)
  • Ensure that all windows are locked. Be sure to secure sliding doors perhaps with wood at the bottom to prevent the door sliding.
  • If you have an attached garage be sure it is secure. An interior door can provide hidden access for a would be thief.
  • If you have an alarm, be sure to let the monitoring company know you are away, and provide contact information.
  • Be aware of what you post on social media. Save the holiday pictures for then you are back home.
  • Turn down the thermostat. About 12 degrees will keep everything functioning and not waste your money heating an empty house.
  • Turn down the temperature on your water heater.

These are just a few suggestions to keep in mind. There is no 100% guarantee, but if you take some measures, you will limit your risk.

One last thought – Have a great holiday!

If you have any tips, please let us know.

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