Are You Prepared?

Freezing Rain? Snowfall warnings? What’s next?

As I sit down to write this blog, we are experiencing our first ice storm of the year. This one is pretty minor, but had this been a substantial storm, with damage to hydro lines and more, would you have been prepared? We are fortunate to live in an area where floods, hurricanes, tornados and more are not annual events, but many of us have become too complacent.

Every family (individual) should have a plan in place in case disaster does strike. As REALTORS® we sometimes see the results of not being prepared, whether it be flooded basements from frozen pipes when the hydro went off for an extended period of time, or fire damage after people use the fireplace or woodstove that they never got around to having checked out…

Also, are you prepared should you have an automobile breakdown, and get stranded for a number of hours in the cold? Keep in mind that a couple years ago, Southwestern Ontario motorist were stranded in a snowstorm for 2 days in their automobiles. Would you have stayed warm, had food and water, and lasted for the 2 days?

There are a number of websites that provide a detailed plan to get prepared. I have listed a few of them below.

If you are looking to have your house checked out to be sure its systems are in good shape, speak to your REALTOR®. They should be able to provide you with the names of some contractors/inspectors that can be of assistance to you.

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