Ultimate Service® – Just a Guarantee?

A list of services, big deal… But that is not what makes our sales people the professionals they are. Ultimate Service® just starts with our written guarantee.

I believe that in order to provide service that stands our in the marketplace, you need to be able to meet the needs of your client, every time, and actually provide additional service that they didn’t even realize they needed. Real Estate companies that provide ‘full service’ as opposed to having the client select from a menu of available services, can all appear to have been cut from the same cloth. The difference is in how the service is provided and the consistency in when it is provided.

At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, our Ultimate Service® sales professionals are available to their clients at all times. In addition, they are in touch with their clients on a predetermined basis, as set by the client. There are no long periods of time when the client begins to wonder what, if anything, is being done to further their real estate needs.

Also, our reps have made available to them, training specific to the needs of our client base, such as becoming Accredited Buyer’s Representatives, enabling them to maximize their abilities to assist buyers in finding the right house, in a timely fashion, and in addition being trained to be effective negotiators. Another training area is the Senior Real Estate Specialist, a course which assists sales reps in becoming aware of the many options available to home owners as they age, whether they wish to move to Adult Communities, or update their current residence to meet their changing needs.

I could continue to list any number of areas of expertise our sales professionals are trained in, but I think you likely get my drift.

At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, Ultimate Service® is not just a guarantee, it is an indication of professionalism, with service provided to our clients by highly qualified individuals, who consider Real Estate their career, not just a job.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, please call one of our professionals, and find out for yourself the difference working with a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle representative makes.


Ann and I have been talking about the Coldwell Banker Ultimate Service many times in the last 18 months and we often refer to the 22 Point Service Guarantee. Well today I thought I would touch on a few of these points to give you a better idea of what it is all about.

One of the first items to be discussed is Agency Alternatives. This is when we explain the different types of representation that are available to you as a Buyer or Seller and what your options are.

For our Buyer clients we will explain the entire home buying process to you in advance and guide you through the entire process. We will also assist in obtaining a mortgage pre-approval with a lender to establish your range of affordability.

We will show our Buyer clients properties that meet their criteria. We also provide a property evaluation and discuss features that may affect the property value and its resale.

Having a strong negotiation strategy is very important for both the Seller and Buyer client and we will negotiate on your behalf to reach a purchase agreement with price and terms that are favourable for the client.

For our Seller clients we provide a Competitive Price Analysis to assist the Seller in determining the most effective list price for the property. We also provide our Sellers with a plan to enhance their property’s ability to attract Buyers.

These are just a few of the points included in the Buyer and Seller Guarantees. If you would like more information on how you would benefit from the Coldwell Banker Ultimate Service Program please call Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate at 905-522-1110 or 905-388-1110 and ask to speak to one of our real estate professionals.

And the honourees are…

Coldwell Banker Pinnacle is pleased to showcase for you our sales professionals who have been recognized for providing Ultimate Service to their customers and clients during 2012.  This honour is not awarded to all sales representatives.  Receiving the Ultimate Service Award indicates that more than five of the individual’s customers and clients have provided to Coldwell Banker a testimonial, speaking to the high level of service provided to them, by their sales professional.

Congratulations to our 2012 Ultimate Service Sales Professionals!


















JHODGSKISSJames Mink*, Charlie Cacilhas*, Rose Levie**, Ken Rossiter*, Rob McDowell**, John Bucalo**

Rod Lennox*, Rico Sacchini*, Nik Bucalo* Valerie Dalgetty-Righton*, Adnan Barkho*, Diane Brown*

Sue Hale*, Ellyn Howarth*, Donna Jackson*, Cathy Toriello*, Brad Collingwood*, Paul McDowell*

Judi Caplan**, Gary Herron**, Rose Ty*, Joan Morgan*, Joyce Hodgskiss*

* denotes Sales Representative, ** denotes Broker

I hope you will join me in congratulating these fine individuals!  They understand what service is all about!


Since we are talking about customer service this month I was compelled to share this story with you.

This past summer when I was on vacation on Lovesick Lake about 20 miles north of Peterborough I had some car trouble on the Friday morning the day before we were to return home. My battery light came on so I decided to drive my car to the nearest service station, Steve’s Auto Service, which was referred to me by a friend who had needed their service in the past. My car broke down on the side of the highway so I called the garage and explained my situation. The service manager, Alisha was very pleasant on the phone and extremely helpful – a great first impression. She arranged for a tow truck to come and pick up my car.

When I arrived at the garage with the tow truck and my car I realized this was a very busy operation. This is usually a great indicator of a successful business. After explaining to Alisha that I was returning home the next morning and I needed the car repaired as soon as possible she said she would have the car assessed as quickly as possible.

Since they were so busy they never had a chance to look at the car until around 4PM. They discovered I needed a new alternator. The parts manager, Kim started calling all the auto parts supply companies in the surrounding areas only to find out there was no alternator to be found. As it was the Labour Day Weekend the shop was closed for the weekend. I pleaded with Alisha as we needed to get home as we had to move our daughter to university on the Sunday. I asked Alisha if there was anything they could do to get me out of this predicament and this is when the owner Steve Jorgenson got involved.

Steve said he would have the part sent by overnight courier and he would come in personally on Saturday morning to do the installation. He called us at 9am Saturday morning to say the car was ready for pick up.  We were very grateful to have avoided what could have been a very inconvenient situation.

This is a perfect example of someone going the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. I give great kudos to Steve and his entire team as they are perfect examples of what great customer service is all about. So if you find yourself experiencing car problems when you’re in the Lakefield area I highly recommend Steve’s Auto Service.

If you are looking for a REALTOR® who provides this level of service be sure to call Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate and ask to speak with one of our sales representatives. You can reach us at 905-388-1110 or 905-522-1110