Ultimate Service® – Just a Guarantee?

A list of services, big deal… But that is not what makes our sales people the professionals they are. Ultimate Service® just starts with our written guarantee.

I believe that in order to provide service that stands our in the marketplace, you need to be able to meet the needs of your client, every time, and actually provide additional service that they didn’t even realize they needed. Real Estate companies that provide ‘full service’ as opposed to having the client select from a menu of available services, can all appear to have been cut from the same cloth. The difference is in how the service is provided and the consistency in when it is provided.

At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, our Ultimate Service® sales professionals are available to their clients at all times. In addition, they are in touch with their clients on a predetermined basis, as set by the client. There are no long periods of time when the client begins to wonder what, if anything, is being done to further their real estate needs.

Also, our reps have made available to them, training specific to the needs of our client base, such as becoming Accredited Buyer’s Representatives, enabling them to maximize their abilities to assist buyers in finding the right house, in a timely fashion, and in addition being trained to be effective negotiators. Another training area is the Senior Real Estate Specialist, a course which assists sales reps in becoming aware of the many options available to home owners as they age, whether they wish to move to Adult Communities, or update their current residence to meet their changing needs.

I could continue to list any number of areas of expertise our sales professionals are trained in, but I think you likely get my drift.

At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, Ultimate Service® is not just a guarantee, it is an indication of professionalism, with service provided to our clients by highly qualified individuals, who consider Real Estate their career, not just a job.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, please call one of our professionals, and find out for yourself the difference working with a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle representative makes.

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