Where is that Spring Market?

Daffodil Flower

Buyers, sellers and even REALTORS® keep asking me, and all I wonder is, where is that crystal ball when I need it?

About the first week of January each year, as REALTORS® we start to try and guess when the traditional ‘Spring Market’ will begin.  We do this in spite of knowing that we left the traditional market behind a number of years ago, no longer waiting for nice weather for buyers and sellers to get into the home buying or selling mood.

I believe this year’s Spring Market began a couple weeks ago.  All of a sudden buyers at the open houses were asking the serious questions, and sellers got serious about getting their homes ready to sell and on the market.

Contrary to what the media would have you believe, the Hamilton area real estate market has not been in the dumps.  What we have is a lack of properties for sale.  We started to see more homes coming on the market in mid December, yes before the holidays began.  Since the new year, the pace has picked up, but there is still no where near enough properties on the market for the number of buyers that are looking.

Well priced homes are generating multiple offers, which may seem good to the home owner, but is extremely frustrating to the buyers who have been looking for some months. During that time there was little to chose from, and now they find themselves paying more than their perceived market value for a home.  Unlike the Canadian real estate market in general, Hamilton is experiencing a Sellers Market.

If you are thinking of selling, NOW is a great time to put your home on the market.  Interest rates are at historical lows, so buyers can afford your home, and if you are looking for another, you have a chance to buy up and keep your payments low.

If you are thinking of buying, NOW is a great time to buy.  Be sure you have a skilled negotiator working for you.  They can find you the right home, and if they are at the top of their game, they may even get it for you for less than you expect.  A skilled REALTOR® can advise you how to make your offer more appealing, and can strategize with you to find the right home, at the right price!

Thinking of Buying?

I strongly recommend you call one of our skilled professionals, many of whom have earned the Accredited Buyer Representative Designation, indicating that they have honed their skills to help you achieve your home buying goals.

Thinking of Selling?

I strongly recommend you call one of our skilled professionals, many of whom have earned the Ultimate Service Award, indicating that they are skilled at meeting their client’s needs, and more importantly, they KNOW HOW TO GET THE JOB DONE!

This may sound like too much of a sales pitch, but I believe that Coldwell Banker Pinnacle sales professionals are some of the best trained in the business, and are uniquely qualified to serve their clients.  Why not call one today, and find out for yourself why I say this.

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