While I was driving to an appointment last week I noticed several signs on the roadside promoting registration for children’s sports leagues. It brought back a lot of memories when my children were young and were involved in many different sports such as basketball, T-ball, synchronized swimming, and rowing to name but a few.

It was a very hectic time in our family having three children all participating in different sports with conflicting schedules. On many occasions we had to rely on one of the grandparents, or my brother, to shuttle one of our children to and from their game or event. As many parents know, you can only be in one place at a time!

My wife and I always found it very rewarding to see our children learning new skills, making new friends, learning the importance of teamwork, and trying their best not to let their team down. No matter what the results were it was nice to see the proud parents there to cheer on their child and tell them what a great job they did.

Hamilton is a great sports town and there are endless opportunities for your children to become involved in sports. There are numerous leagues for boys and girls, all over the city, in sports such as soccer, T-ball, baseball, basketball, football and more.

For more information on sports leagues, Google “youth sports Hamilton” for a list of websites regarding children’s sports in our area.

I suggest you take your children to one of these sporting events to see if they would be interested in playing, encourage them to participate as it is a great opportunity to learn new skills, make friends, and most importantly have FUN!

And for you parents out there, I guarantee, you will enjoy it as much as your children!

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