Goals? Or is it a Bucket List?


Have you checked anything off your bucket list? Do you even have a bucket list?

As managers, Gary and I always encourage people to set goals, whether they be personal, business, financial or others, but I find as individuals, we rarely talk about our bucket lists. You have all heard of the movie, but have you taken the time to decide what you really want to do before it’s too late? I’m not suggesting the Grim Reaper is waiting, but maybe your list would have things on it that you aren’t going to want to, or be able to do, when you retire.

Maybe it’s travel, maybe you want to climb Mount Everest, maybe it’s a personal accomplishment, only you can decide, but we should all have the list, and we should take the time to do these things! Sometimes the items on this list are the “white hot WHY” of our everyday business. It’s easy to stay on track when you have a driving reason to do so. This is often the difference between having a job, and having a profession.

The list I started years ago, when I first started working, included seeing all the provinces, and also a list of cities I wanted to visit. New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York City, San Francisco, and more. (only one city left, and not for long!). My list has evolved over time to include different activities, as opposed to destinations. Planning to complete these items has at times provided a push to do things I maybe wasn’t all that enthusiastic about, but by completing them, I got where I wanted to go.

I challenge you all to consider what you have outstanding on your list. (if you haven’t started a list, please start one now!). Now is the time to do what you really want to do, and focus on what you need to do to make it a reality. You won’t be disappointed!

Don’t put off these “white hot whys”. Make them a reality, and then imagine another!

Take a minute and share what’s on your list. Maybe you will inspire someone else to add something from your list to theirs.

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