More and more you are seeing real estate marketing directed toward the home buyer’s lifestyle.

Although, some buyers still buy homes because they show very well and are furnished nicely, they make buying decisions based on their emotions rather than logic.

For example, if a buyer likes to walk or ride a bike to run errands then perhaps the location of the house needs to be close to as many of these amenities as possible or if the buyer has a long commute to work their new house needs to be close to public transit or have good highway access. If there are children in the family then the location of schools and parks is important.

Now let’s talk about the house. What does the house need to have to fulfill the buyer’s lifestyle needs? In other words, how do they intend to use the house?

If they like to have friends over and everyone likes to pitch in with the food preparation then they may need a house with a large kitchen that opens up to a family room. This set up would also work well if there were younger children as they could be in the family room, in full sight, while the adults are preparing the meal.

Another thing to consider with children is the location of the bedrooms, because of noise levels in the house when children are sleeping. The yard should be an adequate play area for the children to enjoy their outdoor activities. As the children get older, will the house adapt well to their new needs, such as a place to go when their friends come to visit. It’s funny how your house seems to shrink as your children grow up.

To sum it all up, the buying tip is, when you are looking to buy your first or next home, make sure you seriously consider all your lifestyle needs and make your decision based on how you will be using the home to satisfy those needs.

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