Avoid Home Buying Headaches

Sometimes your dream home can become your worst nightmare.

nightmare copy

This time of year always brings this thought to mind, as home buyers are opening the swimming pools that they bought during the winter months, only to find that what was working last year, isn’t this year.  This is just one example of a potential nightmare. There are many more, such as hot tubs and spas, saunas, fireplaces, underground sprinkler systems, alarm systems, home theatre systems… as you can imagine, the list is potentially endless when you consider all the bells and whistles that are sometimes included in home purchases.

When you are buying a home, be sure you are working with a professional REALTOR® who knows that all these potential nightmares exist.  It is their job to protect your interests when you are making your offer.  They are also the ones that are there to make sure you are aware of the potential pitfalls of buying a home with these extra features.

For example, swimming pools and hot tubs sound great, but if you have never owned one, be sure you investigate how much work is involved in maintaining and repairing them.  Also, be sure you really want to spend the time and dollars doing the maintenance for the amount of enjoyment they will bring you.  If your REALTOR® is doing their job, they will mention these future considerations to you when you are considering the home.  Remember, buying a home is

an emotional experience.  We all tend to get excited, and don’t really think it through until we have the accepted offer in our hands.  Don’t think your REALTOR® is trying to talk you out of buying the home, they are just making sure you are thinking it through.

Most important, be sure that your REALTOR® includes in your offer a clause asking for a warranty from the seller to ensure th

at whatever bell and whistle you are buying will be in good working order when you actually take possession of the house, or should it not be possible to determine that on closing date (such as buying a pool in the winter), a warranty that applies to a set date in the future, by which time you will know if everything is working as it should.

If the seller’s representative is a professional, and deals with the offer appropriately, you will know right away if there is a potential nightmare on the horizon.  If they will not provide the warranty, you have a reasonable expectation that all is not in good working order.  Also, when faced with the request for a warranty, the seller may be more forthcoming with the current condition of whatever item you are dealing with.

As always, having someone working for you who knows that RIGHT way to do things, is the best protection you can have.  That way, if problems crop up, you know exactly how they will be dealt with, and you can sleep easy…

As always, if you are looking for a professional REALTOR® you don’t need to look any further than a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate sales representative.  They are well trained professionals, who always put their client first.

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