WOW! That was quite the storm last Friday! I was driving north on Upper James Street as the storm was approaching and when it was overhead I saw cloud formations that I had never seen before. I thought the sky was going to open up and a funnel cloud come down and swoop me away to Kansas.

We are still talking about Ultimate Service® this month and I would like to share a couple stories with you about great service.

The first story is about the city workers that came down our street in south central Hamilton on Friday evening. Now I know many residents are disappointed with the response to the storm by the City of Hamilton, but the two men who came down our street to remove fallen branches and trees deserve our thanks for a job well done.

These guys were working in total darkness, driving rains, and in dangerous conditions to clear the street shortly after the worst of the storm had hit. I am sure those workers continued on through the night and into Saturday trying to make our streets safe again.

The second story took place on Saturday when much of our neighbourhood was still without power, and most businesses were closed. I witnessed a very resourceful business owner who wasn’t going to let a little power outage stop him.

I was driving by his barber shop when I noticed he had pulled one of his barber chairs onto the sidewalk in front of his shop and was cutting hair for his regular Saturday clients. He had rigged up his electric clippers to a car battery!! He was not going to disappoint his clients.

I think these are to great examples of Ultimate Service® and how some people will do whatever it takes to make sure their client is satisfied. If you’re looking for Ultimate Service® for your real estate needs be sure to talk one of our real estate professionals at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate, Brokerage.

Again I ask our readers to share their stories of the great customer service they may have experienced. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


sun clipart copyBoth the weather and our real estate market fit the bill.

Summer has arrived with a vengeance, offering up some super hot weather for us to enjoy. If you wonder how I can say ‘enjoy’, remember last winter?

Our local real estate market is offering much the same attitude. We are still low on inventory of properties for sale, and there are quiet a few buyers in the market looking for just the right house. Right now, I am sure the perfect home for me would have a pool in the backyard.

The economy is steady, offering comfort to those who have been sitting on the fence and encouraging them to make a decision to invest in a home. The Bank of Canada hasn’t increase the lending rate, and for a change the media has been reporting promising information. Instead of predictions of doom and gloom and bubble bursting, the media has headlines such as

“Bank of Canada sees housing market on ‘sustainable path’’

“Canadian housing market rebounds as prices rise”

“All’s fine on the Canadian homefront”

With these indicators from our traditional nay sayers, there is no wonder that the real estate market is enjoying a buoyant summer.

If you are considering putting your house on the market, now is a great time to take action. The average days on market for a home are down from last month, and the average sale price is up. And, there are motivated buyers in the market.

If you are looking to buy a home, interest rates are still at very affordable, historically low levels. A word of advice to home buyers – if you are viewing homes and see one you really like, MAKE AN OFFER. Well priced homes sell quickly, which does not always give buyers the opportunity to ‘go home and think about it’. If your REALTOR® is suggesting you need to make an offer, they are not trying to push you for their sake, they are trying to ensure you get the home you want without waiting to be one of many competing offers, and possibly missing out.

If you are planning to buy or sell, as always, one of our Coldwell Banker Pinnacle sales professionals would be a great choice. Our Ultimate Service ® Guarantee offers you piece of mind when you are buying or selling what is often your most costly asset. We will provide you with service to fit YOUR needs, and if we fail, you can fire us. No one else offers that piece of mind.

In addition to Ultimate Service® our sales professionals are some of the best trained ones in the business, and they always put your needs first.
Call one today, and experience the difference working with a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle representative makes.


A few months back I told our readers about a personal experience I had with an auto repair shop that provided me with great customer service. We are discussing Ultimate Service® again this month and last week Ann asked our readers to share their real estate buying or selling experiences.

So I thought I would share another personal experience with you regarding great customer service.

This week I was fortunate and honoured to be able to attend a Celebration of Life ceremony of a lifelong friend, Don, who passed away last week. Don’t worry, this is not a sad story, but the story of a fun loving, hardworking family man, and a great friend.

While listening to the speakers sharing all the achievements in Don’s life as a successful entrepreneur, I couldn’t help but think he would have been a great Coldwell Banker sales representative, providing Ultimate Service® to all his clients.

He had a great work ethic, which he instilled in me when I was still a teenager, and he always put his client’s needs first, just as we do here at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate. Once I had the opportunity to accompany Don on his regular weekly service calls to some of his vending machine clients. (This was just one of his many successful business ventures) It was all about making sure the machines were operating properly and were filled with sufficient product so his clients could maximize their sales at all times.

On this particular occasion we finished all the service calls for the day and returned back to the office. Within five minutes of our return one of his clients called and said his machine was not working. Don said, “No problem, I’m on my way.”

This was a Friday evening and at the time I thought to myself, this is crazy. It was a two and a half hour round trip! All Don said was, “I can’t leave him in this situation, he will miss out on all the weekend sales.”

So back in the truck we go and we finally get home around 9:45 that evening. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than that was a 15 hour day and was I tired. Over the years I witnessed many occasions when Don did everything in his power to make sure his clients were satisfied and happy.

And that is why I think my friend Don would have been a great Coldwell Banker Sales Representative providing Ultimate Service® to all his clients.

If you have any stories about great customer service I invite you to share them with your fellow readers.


What Do You Consider to be Ultimate Service?

prize copyWe talk about it all the time, but what does it mean to YOU?

Ultimate Service® is very important to us at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate because we believe it is one of the most important features that differentiates us from our competition. It is a Written Guarantee of Service, that allows you to cancel, without any strings attached, your contract with our company.

But we find that to our clients, Ultimate Service® means a lot more than just the guarantee. We survey every buyer and seller that we represent, once the transaction has become unconditional, and many buyers and sellers offer comments that reflect what they appreciated most in their experience. I have outlined below what Ultimate Service has meant to a few of our clients.

Our sales rep was truly professional, putting our needs first.

We had no worries. We knew our sales rep was taking care of everything for us.

Start to finish. Our sales rep took care of the details.

Wow. They thought of things that never occurred to us. What great service.

We always felt we were their first priority.

If you didn’t feel this way after your real estate buying or selling experience, perhaps you should have had a Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Sales Representative!

Feel free to share your real estate buying or selling experience!