A few months back I told our readers about a personal experience I had with an auto repair shop that provided me with great customer service. We are discussing Ultimate Service® again this month and last week Ann asked our readers to share their real estate buying or selling experiences.

So I thought I would share another personal experience with you regarding great customer service.

This week I was fortunate and honoured to be able to attend a Celebration of Life ceremony of a lifelong friend, Don, who passed away last week. Don’t worry, this is not a sad story, but the story of a fun loving, hardworking family man, and a great friend.

While listening to the speakers sharing all the achievements in Don’s life as a successful entrepreneur, I couldn’t help but think he would have been a great Coldwell Banker sales representative, providing Ultimate Service® to all his clients.

He had a great work ethic, which he instilled in me when I was still a teenager, and he always put his client’s needs first, just as we do here at Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate. Once I had the opportunity to accompany Don on his regular weekly service calls to some of his vending machine clients. (This was just one of his many successful business ventures) It was all about making sure the machines were operating properly and were filled with sufficient product so his clients could maximize their sales at all times.

On this particular occasion we finished all the service calls for the day and returned back to the office. Within five minutes of our return one of his clients called and said his machine was not working. Don said, “No problem, I’m on my way.”

This was a Friday evening and at the time I thought to myself, this is crazy. It was a two and a half hour round trip! All Don said was, “I can’t leave him in this situation, he will miss out on all the weekend sales.”

So back in the truck we go and we finally get home around 9:45 that evening. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than that was a 15 hour day and was I tired. Over the years I witnessed many occasions when Don did everything in his power to make sure his clients were satisfied and happy.

And that is why I think my friend Don would have been a great Coldwell Banker Sales Representative providing Ultimate Service® to all his clients.

If you have any stories about great customer service I invite you to share them with your fellow readers.


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