What is a Community?

You are part of a community, but what are you really part of?

We often talk about what is happening in our community, but I thought I would veer off and discuss just what makes us a community.

There are many levels to consider. For example, as REALTORS® we are part of the organized real estate community, which by the very MLS® rules we all agreed to abide by, make us part of a community of individuals working co-operatively to enable property owners and buyers to come together. We all work under the same guidelines, and have access to the same resources, through our local associations, our provincial associations and our national association. As part of this community, I can strongly recommend becoming involved in volunteering for these bodies, as you will gain a new respect for what they are trying to do on your behalf, and at the same time you will have a voice in how decisions are made that affect your business.

Another community level is within your business. At Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate we have a great community of individuals, who work together to help our clients, but also who work year round to help others in the Hamilton-Burlington area, through volunteering their time. Also, we work year round raising funds to help people in our area at the holiday season.

And the community that we all think of first is of course our geographic community, for me in particular the Hamilton-Burlington area, and in particular Ancaster, where I live. This is the community of like minded individuals who want the same services and enjoyment of what the area has to offer. This level of community likely has the greatest affect on your decision of where you want to live, and to REALTORS® is very important in helping people decide where they want to buy a home and raise their family.

We are very fortunate in the Hamilton area, as we benefit from a strong commitment to providing for our residents from our various levels of government. Our school systems are great, we have a comprehensive sports program for our youth, and also a strong support for seniors in the community.

Just think, all that and we have a great line up of events within our community, whether it be festivals, conservation area events, art festivals, theatre…the list is endless. We are very fortunate to be part of all these levels of community.

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