The Diary of a Disappointed Seller


Many of you are aware I have been trying to sell my house for about the past year.

Is your house sold? must be the most frequently asked question when you have your house on the market. Take my word for it, if the house was sold you would be tired of hearing about it. The great price I got, the house I bought for of course a really low price, ad nauseum. I know, people are curious and assume it is sold and are just making conversation…

If you have never been in the ‘expired’ situation, you can’t appreciate the stages a homeowner goes through. Try to imagine the entries if one kept a diary.

Dear Diary:  I’m so excited!  We’ve decided to move!  There’s a few things we need to do to get ready, but it won’t take long

Dear Diary:  We’ve been working on the house for 7 months but we are finally ready to get it on the market. I hear houses are selling pretty fast!

Dear Diary:  Wow, just a few days and already we’ve had lots of people through!  How wonderful. Just waiting for an offer.

Dear Diary:  It’s been a month now, no offers yet, but the REALTOR® says the house shows great and the feedback is good.

Dear Diary:  3 months now… Never thought people made appointments then were an hour late, or worse yet didn’t show up!  Or those REALTORS®… Book a preview and don’t come “it was just a preview” they say.

Dear Diary:  Exciting! A REALTOR® just called. They have a buyer who must see the house immediately. They need to buy today and he thinks the house is perfect!  I  rushed home and got things all spiffed up. It looks great! Oh- got to stop. They have arrived early.

Well, that was a waste. Here 5 minutes. Didn’t want a one storey house… Didn’t the REALTOR® know that?

Dear Diary:  Open House today. Been cleaning all day. Hope someone comes and likes it.

Dear Diary: Well, it hasn’t sold, and it’s been 6 months…maybe we should just stay…

Yes, those entries reflect reality…

My house is off the market at least for now. Many tell you now is a great time to sell as there is less competition and houses show nice when decorated for the holidays and snow can hide some ‘issues’…

Well, I look at the flip side. Less competition – fewer buyers too, so less motivation to make an offer. As for decorations, if you need decorations to sell, maybe some staging would help. As for snow… What a mess with boots etc especially when you are all cleaned up and decorated for the holidays.

Disappointment aside, we will be going back on the market.  I just hope the ‘diary entries’ are fewer and more positive this time around.

And perhaps a heads up to my fellow REALTORS® out there. When we make appointments, let’s consider how we might feel if we were the home seller waiting for the showing, or getting the house ready …

Oh, and once the house is on the market again… don’t bother asking if it’s sold. You will know when it does… believe me