Yes I know this post is late again, but it is the Holiday Season and I have been busy, you know guys, all that last minute stuff! My sincere apologies.

Every holiday season there always seems to be some tragic story about a fire, automobile collisions, or just some freak accident so I thought I would just give you a few safety reminders.

When it comes to real Christmas trees, make sure it is a fresh cut tree. When you bang the stump on the ground very few needles should fall. Also the needles should bend, not break and the stump should still be sticky with resin. Your tree stand should hold 2-3 litres of water and it should be topped up daily. Keep the tree away from any kind of heat source and never use lighted candles on your tree.

As far as decorations go, choose ones that are flame-retardent, non-combustible, and non-conductive. Avoid using angel hair (glass wool) together with spray-on snowflakes as this combination is highly combustible. Your light sets should be Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved. Make sure you use the proper lights for the environment – indoor lights for inside and exterior lights for outside – do not mix these two types of lights.

Make sure your wood burning fireplace has been properly serviced and cleaned before starting your fire. Never burn gift wrappings, boxes etc. in the fireplace as they burn too rapidly and generate too much heat.

Remember not to overload electrical outlets. This is a common cause of house fires during the holiday season. Make sure all extension cords are CSA approved and make sure they are plugged fully into the outlets. Poor contact may cause overheating or shock.

Last but not least – make sure ALL your smoke detectors work!!

All the best to you and your family this holiday season and the coming year!

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