What are you doing New Years?…

clipart copyWell, has 2013 been all you hoped it would be?

The end of the year seems to be when we all look back on the past 12 months and decide if we think the year was a success, and at the same time start thinking about what we think next year should bring.

This seems to me to be a long spread of time over which to judge your success. When we look at a year in total, we tend to forget the little successes we experienced along the way, or appreciate the changes we may have made in our lives to improve ourselves, or perhaps even improve how someone else lives their life.

When we look at our activities, I think we should look short term first. What are you going to do in the next 10 days to improve your life or that of someone around you. Also, what have you done in the past 10 days to help ensure that? I bet we can all come up with a 10 day plan, and likely even be able to measure our success.

Once you master a 10 day plan, start looking at 30 days and gradually grow your plan as you grow your skills of observation and measuring your activities. I have seen too many people decide by March that their year is shot, because they cannot see how they can achieve their 12 month plan, based on the first 3 months of the year. That same person will have had many successes in those same 3 months that they overlooked because it was not part of their grand one year plan. Think how much more enjoyable your year might be if you celebrated your successes frequently. Do you think you might be a more positive person, who can visualize a year of success?

Think of it like someone who wants to run a marathon. If they get winded the first time out running around the block, does that mean they will never be able to run the marathon? I don’t think so… If that same person had been a couch potato before heading out to run around the block, I hope they were able to celebrate that small achievement, which they otherwise would never have tried.

I challenge you to look at 2014 as a series of 10 or 30 days stretches. Make yourself some short term goals, and push yourself to do it, and celebrate when you are successful!

This next 10 days could be a great time to challenge yourself to do any number of things; eat less cookies, don’t stress the preparation for the holiday dinners, don’t argue with that relative that pushes all your buttons, visit family or friends that you might otherwise not have made time for, spend time with friends and family. Pick your own challenge, then try it.

These may seem like simple things to do, but how many of us are already stressed that we have not got the shopping done, don’t have the house decorated, don’t know when we are going to visit uncle charlie (pick your own relative)…

Aim for 10 days on target for your goal, and see what happens. You can likely manage the short term stuff… heck, it’s only 10 days. And I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and your ability to accomplish things when you see what you have mastered in 10 short days.

Happy Holidays everyone! Talk to you in 2014!