So, What Will 2014 Bring Us?

crystal ball copyYes, it’s crystal ball time again. I haven’t asked mine to show us our future for a couple years, so I thought perhaps it was time to gaze through the mists yet again.

As 2013 wound down on the calendar, the real estate market didn’t really pay any attention. Almost always, it’s expected that the market will be very slow through the holiday season, and pick up when our “Spring Market” appears. Well, from what I saw in December, we had best stand back and prepare for the rush, as the market never really slowed for the holidays.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see a very robust market, continuing with little or no break at the first of the year. I see more people placing their homes on the market, as they see that the buyer’s are out there looking to purchase.

I see the mortgage rates staying at their record making lows, encouraging families to move up to that larger home, or perhaps buy that fixer upper that could be perfect with just a few renos…

I see first time buyers, who have spent a couple years saving up more downpayment (since the changes to the mortgages rules) ready now to become homeowners, and fortunately still be able to take advantage of low interest rates.

I see more confidence in our economy. The US has struggled for a number of years, and has now managed to regain their real estate market. As they have experienced recovery, we have become more confident that they will not drag us into an economic slow down. I see our unemployment numbers improving, also helping to increase confidence in our market.

I see more people looking to the real estate profession as a career choice, recognizing that it is an ideal business for entrepreneurs, knowing that through education and training, that they can become very successful REALTORS®.

As for what I see regarding Pinnacle Real Estate, I see a growing group of real estate professionals, helping others in many ways, dedicated to making our community the best place to live and work . Yes, helping people buy and sell real estate, buy also helping within our community. I see us continuing to volunteer, participating in runs, walks, bike rides, whatever to help raise funds for our local charities, I see us hosting a garage sale to raise money to help families at the holiday season, I see us sponsoring events, participating in food and toy drives, for that matter I see so many images flashing by, that I can’t keep up. I see a group of individuals who enjoy working together, and who will have a very successful 2014.

Well, the crystal ball is going dark, it has shared all it wants to right now…

All the best for 2014. I truly believe this year will be as good as you want it to be…

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