imagesSSQSNPG7Is it cold enough for you? That is a question that has been asked many, many times in the last few days. As soon as someone comes into the office, it is a matter of seconds before you hear that question. I could share some of the responses but I don’t think they are suitable for publication.

I know the forecast for the next few days indicates a bit of a warming trend and you may think this is it for the extreme cold temperatures for this winter, but, you never know what Mother Nature has in store for us. I have decided to share a few safety tips to help you endure these crazy cold temperatures.

If you have to go outside choose clothes that are appropriate for the weather; dress in layers with a wind-resistant outer layer; choose warm socks, gloves, hat and a scarf; and change into dry clothing as soon as possible if clothes get wet. If you are skiing, snowmobiling or skating, be sure to wear a facemask and goggles to protect from frostbite and windburn and keep moving to keep blood flowing. If you drink alcohol before you go outside, it could increase the risk of hypothermia because of increased blood flowing to your extremities.

Not only do we need to protect ourselves from the cold, we also need to protect out home. Always make sure your heating system is well maintained so it can handle the extra stress when it’s much colder outside. If you are heading south for a nice warm vacation it is a good idea to turn off the water supply and drain all the pipes. If you are staying home you should keep the lowest taps in the house open a little so the water keeps moving. This will help prevent the pipes from freezing. If your pipes do freeze never use an open flame to thaw the pipes – use a hair dryer instead.

If you absolutely must go out in your car make sure your gas tank is at least half full and make sure you cell phone is fully charged. You should also have an emergency kit that contains the following items:

  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Booster cables
  • Extra clothing and footwear
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Candles
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Bottled water
  • Granola or energy bars.

I hope this information was helpful. Remember folks, Mother Nature can get very nasty at times so you need to play it safe when you are enjoying this lovely Canadian winter! If you have any tips of your own please share them with your fellow readers.

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