Should I Wait For The Spring Market?

With all the snow today, it’s hard to believe that Spring may be just around the corner.

Traditionally home owners have been advised to wait for the “spring market” to put their home up for sale. Spring markets often start long before we see the first blade of grass, much less, the spring flowers.

In the Hamilton/Burlington area, we have experienced a prolonged shortage of homes for sale, which has resulted in a number of disappointed buyers, either who have not found the home they wish to purchase, or who have lost out in competition while trying to buy the home they like.

If you are planning to put your home up for sale this spring, don’t wait. Take advantage of the lack of competition you will have for the buyers. Also, interest rates remain at all times lows, making homeownership affordable for more potential buyers. Also, some buyers are anxious to find a home before May 1st this year when CMHC mortgage insurance fees are set to increase.

There are more things to consider than just the nice weather if you are looking to sell your home. Take time to call one of our Coldwell Banker Pinnacle Real Estate professionals and discuss what is your best strategy to get the results you want.

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