Now that the warmer weather is FINALLY here, and homeowners are getting their pools ready for the summer, I thought it would be a good time to talk about water safety for you and your family. Whether you’re at the beach or in a private pool, if you follow a few safety procedures, you will ensure that swimming this summer will be safe and fun.


If you are at a public pool there are usually a list of rules and regulations. These rules are there for your protection and if followed, will prevent accidents and keep pools clean and safe. Be sure not to play around suction lines or pool drains.


Children should always walk, and not run, around the edges of the pool as it is quite often wet and can be very slippery. Always remind your children to play carefully around water. Wrestling and pushing each other could cause someone to hit their head and be knocked unconscious. This could cause someone to drown very quickly if they don’t get help.


You should always become familiar with the water surroundings before you jump or dive in. Enter slowly and feet first as there could be underwater hazards such as rocks, submerged logs, or the water isn’t as deep as it appears.


Never swim alone. You should always swim with a “buddy” so you can watch out for each other, even when there is a life guard. When you go in the water, never go further or deeper if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


When it comes to younger children you should never leave your child alone. I know this may sound like common sense but many drowning accidents occur when a parent takes their eyes off their child for just a quick moment. A child can drown in just a few minutes in a few centimeters of water.


So when you’re out enjoying this great summer, whether on vacation or in your own back yard, be sure you practice good water safety habits at all times.

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