Spring Into Action!

We have transitioned from winter to late spring overnight, and the real estate market has taken off with the weather.

If you have been telling yourself that you are waiting for the spring market to buy or sell your home, the time is upon you. It seems like overnight, as the weather changed, the urge to move has struck.

The local market has held steady since the cooling off that happened late last summer. We are seeing some competition for well priced homes, and also in certain price ranges, but so far, none of the craziness we experienced last year.

If you are considering selling, now is a great time to put your home on the market. There are buyers out there, prequalified for their financing, looking for the right home. Buyers are educated as to market value, and generally know what they are looking for. With the help of your real estate professional, you can present your home in its most desirable fashion, and maximize your sale price.

If you are considering buying, this year you should have an opportunity to look for the right home, and have a chance to think and make sure you are ready to buy. There are more homes available to view, and often time for you to look at all that catch your attention before making your offer. Your real estate professional can help you arrange your financing pre-approval, and also help you determine what is most important to you in your new home. They can advise you on value, and negotiate a fair purchase price on your behalf.

The time for waiting for Spring is over! If this is your year to move, be sure to call one of our real estate professionals, and let them make your move smooth and easy!

Welcome Spring!

The calendar says Spring is here, even if the weather doesn’t.

Traditionally Spring is the time of year when new real estate listings flood the market, and everyone gets busy. The market this year has been going at a record breaking pace, but in spite of that, I hope that home owners will get excited by spring, and decide to put their homes on the market.

We have been experiencing an unprecedented shortage of homes for the number of buyers looking. Many feel the only way to correct the shortage is to have the government intervene, enacting more laws and restrictions.

These actions in the past year seem to have hurt the very buyers they were trying to help. New mortgage rules have made it more difficult for first time buyers to obtain a mortgage, only adding to the problem of soaring prices, and making it harder for them to save for the downpayment necessary.

There is talk of the government placing a foreign investor tax on those buying in the Toronto market, to help ease the inventory shortage, but those in the market say it’s not foreign investors causing the problem.

Many experts says that the only way out of the housing shortage is for more new homes to be built, in recognition of a slow down in new home construction last year.

Perhaps the seemingly easiest solution is for us all to get on with life. Many home owners I speak to are waiting. Waiting to see if prices go up. Waiting to see if more homes will come on the market for them to select from. Waiting to see if interest rates are going up. All these events are likely going to happen… the unknown is just how soon. If everyone who has been considering moving put their home on the market, perhaps our greatest issue would be solved – lack of properties to buy.

If you would like to find out if now is the right time for you to make a move, call one of our Coldwell Banker Community Professionals reps. They will be glad to help you make the right decision.



spring pictureWhen I was driving to the office yesterday I noticed a few things were happening that I hadn’t seen in a while. I noticed that there was a green haze in the landscape replacing the browns and greys of the winter months. Spring flowers were finally in bloom.

I enjoyed the smell of fresh cut grass as I passed a soccer field. Motorcycle riders have awakened and they are everywhere. Classic cars are reappearing for their first outing after a long winters’ nap.

The long range weather forecast is sunny and warm for the next several days. I think spring IS finally here and summer is just around the corner. Winter seemed to drag on this year as we experienced a cooler and wetter transition into spring.

Friends and clients are asking if the spring real estate market is finally going to start. This is a tough question. Over the past few months housing inventory has been low, buyers had less to choose from, which resulted in bidding wars for some properties with sale prices over asking. The average sale price in our market continues to rise.

I think the weather did play a part in the overall attitude of the consumer this year but I think change is in the air. Over the last week we have seen more listings coming on the market and the number of incoming calls to the office is definitely on the rise.

Now back to this glorious weather. Take advantage of it. Get started on those outdoor projects. Go for a long walk. Enjoy a bike ride. Take the kids to the park. Whatever you do, do it outdoors!

And if you’re thinking of making a move this year, now is time to talk to your real estate professional. Good luck and enjoy this fantastic weather.