The Rollercoaster Ride of 2017…


2017… a year to remember or a year to try and forget?

If you bought or sold a home in 2017,  you are no doubt looking back and asking yourself if you made the right timing decision.  If you were buying or selling  a home for you and your family, rest easy, yes you did…

Real estate is one investment that you are assured that if you buy for the long term, you have made a good investment.  Historically, real estate has held its value and increased in spite of it being a buyers’ or sellers’ market when you buy.

If you attempted to buy a home in 2017, and are still looking, relax.  The market is becoming a more balanced one, and more and more homes are coming on the market.  All indications are that it should be a robust spring market, with more homes coming on the market.  Prices are not expected to show the wild increases we saw in 2017’s spring and summer markets.

If you held off selling in 2017 because you were concerned whether you would be able to find a home to buy for your family, now is the time to speak to your REALTOR® and start planning for your move in 2018.  The increased number of homes expected to come on the market in the spring, should provide you with the confidence to plan your sale and purchase of  a new home.

Many home owners say they are waiting for the spring market.  Keep in mind, the spring market is not April… traditionally, the spring market in the Hamilton/Burlington area starts in early March. That said, the spring market has started as early as the first week of January some years, when there have been lots of buyers ready to make a purchase.

If you are looking for some advice you can rely on, please call one of our real estate professionals.  At Coldwell Banker Community Professionals, we believe a well informed buyer or seller is the happiest client.  Our sales professionals are ready to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.  And remember, we offer the Ultimate Service Guarantee!  If we are not providing the service we promise, you can terminate your buying or selling agreement.



spring pictureWhen I was driving to the office yesterday I noticed a few things were happening that I hadn’t seen in a while. I noticed that there was a green haze in the landscape replacing the browns and greys of the winter months. Spring flowers were finally in bloom.

I enjoyed the smell of fresh cut grass as I passed a soccer field. Motorcycle riders have awakened and they are everywhere. Classic cars are reappearing for their first outing after a long winters’ nap.

The long range weather forecast is sunny and warm for the next several days. I think spring IS finally here and summer is just around the corner. Winter seemed to drag on this year as we experienced a cooler and wetter transition into spring.

Friends and clients are asking if the spring real estate market is finally going to start. This is a tough question. Over the past few months housing inventory has been low, buyers had less to choose from, which resulted in bidding wars for some properties with sale prices over asking. The average sale price in our market continues to rise.

I think the weather did play a part in the overall attitude of the consumer this year but I think change is in the air. Over the last week we have seen more listings coming on the market and the number of incoming calls to the office is definitely on the rise.

Now back to this glorious weather. Take advantage of it. Get started on those outdoor projects. Go for a long walk. Enjoy a bike ride. Take the kids to the park. Whatever you do, do it outdoors!

And if you’re thinking of making a move this year, now is time to talk to your real estate professional. Good luck and enjoy this fantastic weather.