Summer is Coming! Summer is Coming!

Just trying to be positive here… Our Spring weather isn’t giving us much hope for summer, but it is time to start thinking about what to do when those warm summer days finally arrive.

I think there is nothing better to do than spend as much time as possible outdoors once the weather gets nice. It doesn’t need to be steaming hot, just pleasant. My favourite summer pastime is golf, and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by more courses than we could play in a summer. (I do have a job you know, for those that think they could get to them all).

If you are planning family outings, keep in mind all the local attractions, such as Wild Water Works, African Lion Safari, Christie and Valens Conservation areas, and more, that I don’t have room to name.

Now is also the time to be planning summer getaways, whether it’s the kids to camp, or the family off to the cottage. Don’t miss out by waiting to see what the weather is going to do… There are lots of things to do regardless of the temperature or precipitation.

Other summer pastimes for me include trips to Stratford and to the Shaw Festival. I enjoy turning them into day trips so we can sample what the areas have to offer, in addition to some fine entertainment.

I also enjoy going with friends on the wine tours in Niagara. Yes, pick the one who will be the DD that day, and go enjoy some of the fine wines Ontario has become so well known for. Drop in to one of the winery restaurants and enjoy local cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs around.

Looking for something more local? Spend a day walking through our abundant conservation areas, and then stop in to one of our local restaurants. Enjoy your beverage of choice on the patio…

Relax… Refresh. That’s what summer is all about.

If you have any favourite things to do, please share. We are always looking for great ideas to enjoy summer.

Summer in the City? Absolutely!

The calendar may be telling us it’s spring, but the thermometer has me thinking about summer.

A while back I penned a blog entitled Hamilton is Not JUST a Steel City.  If I had to pick a time of year that made this obvious, it would have to be summer.  Contrary to what many strangers to our area believe, we are immersed in nature, which means lots of fun things to do outdoors!  I have mentioned in the past, many of our conservation areas, and gardens etc., but this time of year makes me think of the summer festivals, the local farmers markets where you can buy produce grown in your own neighbouthood, and also of summer fun for kids at camp.

I have pulled a few of my favourite sites to visit, and want to share them with you.

We are fortunate to have some of the best and most extensive farmers markets around.  The Hamilton Market, which runs year round has local competition this time of year, when the outdoor markets start up.  For example, the Ancaster market and Dundas market both operate one day a week, selling vegetables, cheeses, meats, bakery items and more from the local farmers.  The links I have included will give you all the details.  For other area markets, here is the link for Ontario Farmers Markets  See what the markets in your own area have to offer this year!

Our areas also host some of the best summer festivals around.  Festival of Friends, Ancaster Heritage Days, Dundas Buskerfest, Dundas Cactus Festival, and Winona Peach Festival, just to name a few.  To find our more information, check out these sites:

And for the perennial favourite, summer camp whether it be day camp or a week off in the wilds… check out:

These links just provide a taste of what is available this summer in the area.  We’re lucky to live in such a diverse area, with so much to offer a short drive away.

Enjoy your summer!

Do you have any favourite summer events or traditions?  Please leave a comment and share any suggestions you might have to help others enjoy the seasons.